Body Rock Pilates

Professional Pilates Tuition

Pilates is fantastic for a variety of reasons.  


Here are just a few.


By looking at joint alignment and focussing on movement on a joint-level as well as looking at the way in which an individual moves from day to day, Pilates aims to rebalance the body.  Pilates aims to give you awareness of your body, empowering you as an individual to make small, easy changes in your day to day life.  This may require strengthening some muscles whilst releasing others.  The nature of Pilates is small, controlled movements.  The main focus of which is on the quality and precision of each movement, from the toes to the spine.

As a result, Pilates can - 

As a Body Control trained teacher, I adhere to a code of practise which requires regular Continual Professional Development.

Please note that class sizes are limited to a MAXIMUM of 12.